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Initially, having an on-screen interface to control the brightness of your monitor may sound like a good idea, since Windows hasn't such an application in any of its versions. Unfortunately, this program didn't work at all. I first downloaded and tried to use it on a Windows 10 computer, using the compatibility issues troubleshooter. It didn't work. Then, I used an old Windows XP machine, but again, it didn't work. Finally, I managed to get a Windows 7 machine, hoping that this time I will success. Again, the program failed, although the developer claims that it was designed specifically for Win7 systems. I used again the compatibility issues troubleshooter with no avail. The program crashed every time I tried to use it. Thus, I had much trouble getting the screenshots to illustrate this review.

The program is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Thinking that I was doing something wrong, I tried downloading the Spanish version and use it on a machine with Windows 7 in that language. Again, all my attempts to make it work failed.

As I said earlier, the idea of having an onscreen brightness control is good, but for some reason, this program does not live up to its promises.

Victor Hernandez
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  • It is free to download and use


  • It does not work at all. The program freezes every time you start using it
  • It is designed for WIndows 7 only
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